Kim Vogel is a young woman from Holland who is currently working by herself in Uganda with the remote help of some friends. It all started for Kim while she was volunteering in a rural area of Uganda. Just after her first two months working as a volunteer in a school there, she found a 10 years old boy hurt by his own father, so she took him to the school. That same month, she found a sick and malnourished 18 years old mother and her 2½ years old child in subhuman conditions; she also took care of them. After a few months, this mum was not taking care of her own child. Neither a person, nor governmental entity took responsibility for these children. It is amazing how Kim right then and there, decided to leave her life and everything she knew behind. As she describe it, she took responsibility for these young children and they were in a way dependent on her. Then of course, she started to love these children so it was hard to say goodbye; that changed her life forever.

Kim remained dedicated to the challenge of not only taking care of this particular girl but in fact many other children abandoned in similar situations. Some were infected with HIV; others were victims of domestic violence or needed to recover from serious malnutrition. She does neither have an organization nor a NGO to support her or to work with her. This is all her initiative with some close friends supporting and advertising what this Dutch heroine does; certainly to guarantee these children day by day a roof over their head, food on the table, an education and what is more important for her; love and affection she gives to them that they have not received in a long time, if ever.

Message from Kim:

“This is an unique experience, I am a witness how these children have overcome traumatic events in their lives and have learnt to enjoy life as all children should. This is the best gift for me and for this reason I am so willing to continue further. I can do this work because many wonderful people help me and that’s an amazing and grateful feeling, thanks!”